Our Oat Business is Temporarily Closed


Doug and his family have been farming from the Hilray homestead in SouthwesternOntario for Five generations now.

Doug’s passion for producing gluten free oats began in 2007 when he learned from a friend whose daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease that people following a gluten free diet could not safely eat the oatmeal products typically found on grocery store shelves. He discovered that a few gluten free oat products existed through specialty stores, but often came at a cost prohibitive price.

Site Supervisor Tess

Determined to find a way for everyone to have the opportunity to reap the health benefits of the feel good fuelthat has been a staple in his family’s healthy lifestyle, and the catalyst for so many productive days on the farm, he set out to find a way to deliver a high quality pure oat product, safe for a gluten free diet, at a price that people could afford. Partnering with local growers and handlers committed to delivering the Hilray Whole Grains no risk ‘pure oat oath’, Doug staked out a corner of the farm and built a 3,000 square foot processing facility dedicated to producing the most trustworthy and premier quality gluten free oat products on the market. From seed selection, to stringent health & safety practices, to highly sensitive laboratory tests, your oats arrive from the Hill farm to your table in 4 simple steps. Deemed the official Farm Site Supervisor, Tess ensures the logistics run smoothly and occasionally does quality control for one of our favourite oatmeal cookie recipes to ensure that our unique baking process continues to deliver the ‘toasted to perfection’, slightly nutty flavor that our loyal customers have come to trust as a daily part of their safe and wholesome routine for good health.