Author: Tyler Hill

4 Ways To Use Oats In Your Beauty Routine

Obviously we love starting our days with oats. They’re a simple household staple that makes even the busiest mornings the best mornings. But there are so many other amazing ways to use oats. Here are a few of our favorite oat...

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Good News: You Don’t Have to Give up All Grains

When most people think about gluten, they think about grains—but not all grains are created equal. Here at Hilray, part of our mission is to make sure you live your best life, and we know that includes having access to wholesome...

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4 Gluten-Free Breakfasts for the Whole Family

We’re a family-run farm, so we know firsthand how busy mornings can be. That’s why we like to keep our breakfasts simple. With a few different recipes using wholesome ingredients, we always start our days with something...

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3 Common Symptoms of Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is difficult to diagnose. Many people spend years suffering with their symptoms before getting any confirmation that gluten is actually the culprit. This is because there are hundreds of signs and symptoms of the...

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